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EnerSys, Inc.

EnerSys is the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications.

EnerSys offers an extensive line of motive power, reserve power, aerospace/defense and specialty batteries with a full range of integrated services and systems. With over 100 years of battery experience, EnerSys is the Power/Full Solution for stored DC power products.

EnerSys is proud to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its IRONCLAD® batteries! The square tubular design of IRONCLAD batteries exposes more surface area of the positive plates to the electrolyte, which delivers higher sustained voltages and more work capacity than round or flat plate designs throughout the discharge cycle. We call this increase in work capacity the Ironclad Effect and it means you can rest assured that you’ve got the battery power you need to get the job done!

Not all products available at all locations. Contact us to learn more.

Crown Product Not Available in Georgia.